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Do you want to be free?
Only from efforts to integrate one"s own
personality is born true - independent,
a free and morally responsible human being.
How to do it?
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How to get involved?

Just three short steps to a better life await you. It couldn’t be simpler!

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Find out who we are and what our vision is.

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Fill in some simple information, confirm your membership account, and that’s it.

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Use all the possibilities of the E-crown and build a new world.

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Let’s live life in freedom and abundance in peace.

Video tutorial on how to free yourself

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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question? Do not hesitate to contact us...

E-koruna is almost like a payment system, where the user buys E-koruna electronic vouchers for his funds (currently Czech Koruna and common European currency EURO). Funds in CZK and EUR are stored in a cover account and cannot be manipulated in any way. However, in the E-koruna environment, these funds change their character with each purchase.

You can send E-koruna vouchers, pay with them where the E-koruna is implemented and the E-koruna partners can ;they can have them redeemed in Czech Koruna or EURO. Each user does not pay anything for registration or for transferring funds to E-Koruna.

Merchants (E-koruna partners) , who accept E-vouchers (E-korunas) pay 1.618% for each redemption back to CZK and EUR

All E-vouchers (E-korunas), as balances, are subject to a daily write-up in 0.1618%. And each member of the association then owns a share in this subscription, which exactly corresponds to the amount of E-korunas purchased so far (in the case of users) and the total amount of E-korunas received and subtraction of E-vouchers (E-korunas) paid back (in in the case of E-koruna partners).

In the next stages, the following will be paid from daily subscriptions:
1. pension payments,
2. health care costs,
3. education costs,
4. costs of public benefit projects, etc.

According to the standards for cookies & GPDR adheres strictly to these standards. We store, including your consent, only your personal data that is necessary to manage the account.

Yes, maintaining an account is really free. However, it is necessary to take into account the daily subscription, which is 0.1618% of the account balance in E-koruna vouchers. This subscription applies to all kinds and types of accounts.

By sending any amount to our transparent bank account, which is 2801466213/2010 kept at FIO Banka.   

Yes, but both accounts are separate for several reasons. That’s why it’s better to create a separate personal and business account.

A ticket for support or also for detecting an error is currently possible to send via e-mail